Magic Of Oz Hunt*

by - Monday, January 31, 2011

Outfit: Magic of Oz ( Hunt Magic Of Oz Nº 7 :Risusipo: )

 Outfit: Magic of Oz ( Hunt Magic Of Oz Nº 9 *katat0nik* )
Tatto: Magic of Oz ( Hunt Magic Of Oz Nº 8 *katat0nik* )
Cycling: Cat's Eye Angels ( Gift/Group Tag )

step by step.
  Take the basket after falling in the Land
Collect the gold coins that are all over the land.
after completion of 6 coins in your basket will appear on your screen a Hud with numbers 1 to 9 meaning the stores that are participating pick one ...
th and receive an object useo will attach a Chinese symbol on his head ..
  Go to the store of origin to the number we chose.
Find an item in a pie shape inside the store in red orange
comes close and then click the symbol on his head and get the item relevant to the number who chose to shop ....

any questions just ask, we will be pleased to help them all a very nice player and good fun even more.

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